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NLT-Remote Sensing Internship Program

Geospatial, Software Development, & DevSecOps Internships

About New Light Technologies

At New Light Technologies (NLT), we're not just offering an internship. We're extending an invitation to be part of a transformative journey in the realm of Remote Sensing & GIS. This is your chance to bridge the gap between classroom learning and groundbreaking industry applications. Dive deep into real-world projects, foster connections with geospatial experts, and leave your mark in a field that's reshaping our world.

Your Part In Our Mission

Discover the essence of your role with us, where every task you undertake and decision you make contributes to our collective goals. Here, your skills and insights don't just fill a job description—they shape the future of our innovative endeavors and drive real-world impact.
Data Excellence Dive into the world of data identification, quality control, and nuanced analysis.  
Development Role Participate in the creation and refinement of cutting-edge tools, products, and applications.  
Support & Integration Gain experience in the integration and utilization of modern tools, with an emphasis on providing technical support to teams.  
Research & Reporting Play a crucial role in research, coordination, and reporting, driving the future of geospatial technologies.  
Visual Creativity Develop your skills in visualization, crafting insightful presentations that resonate with the audience.  
Continuous Learning Engage in continuous learning, development, and system maintenance under expert guidance.  

Core Competencies

Embark on Your Professional Journey: At NLT, we welcome interns who are eager to learn, innovate, and contribute to cutting-edge projects. Whether you're a student or a recent graduate, your passion for technology and problem-solving can find a nurturing ground here. We value creative thinking, collaboration, and the drive to make a tangible impact. Join us to gain real-world experience, build your skillset, and lay a solid foundation for your career in tech.
  • Students currently pursuing or recently graduated with a degree in Geography, GIS, or a related field.
  • Individuals with a robust understanding of GIS and Remote Sensing principles.
  • Candidates must be experienced in geospatial data analysis and processing.
  • Familiarity with building and maintaining GIS databases.
  • Enthusiasts with knowledge in scripting languages like Python or R.

Why Choose New Light Technologies

At NLT, you're not just joining a team; you're becoming part of a vibrant culture that values fresh ideas and transformative projects. Our commitment to community upliftment ensures your work is meaningful and contributes to a sustainable future. As you engage with purpose-driven projects, you'll find abundant opportunities for continuous learning and career advancement. Experience the synergy of a workplace that nurtures your professional evolution every step of the way.


  • What kind of career opportunities does NLT offer?
  • How does NLT support professional development?
  • What is NLT's work culture like?
  • Are remote working options available at NLT?
  • How does the application process work?
NLT offers diverse roles across tech, data science, project management, and more, catering to various professional backgrounds and levels. Our openings span from internships to senior positions.
We prioritize continuous learning, offering various training, workshops, and mentorship programs to help our team grow their skills and advance in their careers.
Our culture is rooted in innovation, collaboration, and community impact. We encourage creativity and value each team member's contribution towards our shared goals.
Yes, NLT offers flexible remote working arrangements, understanding the need for work-life balance in today’s dynamic work environment.
Candidates can apply through our website. The process typically includes a review of applications, followed by interviews, and, if successful, a job offer. We strive for a transparent and efficient hiring process.

Join Our Team

At New Light Technologies, we're keen to discover individuals ready to innovate and make an impact. If you're passionate about shaping the future with us but haven't found the perfect role yet, we welcome you to leave your information and resume. This way, we can reach out when opportunities that match your skills and passions arise. Start your journey with NLT and be part of our exciting future.