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NLT Workplace

New Light Technologies (NLT) is a great place for people at all levels of their career. We strive to foster a productive and supportive working environment for all of our employees and offer a work culture that cultivates independent thinkers who have the capacity to work through problems, both individually and collaboratively.

Whether its providing employees with the most innovative technologies to complete their jobs or making new spaces for employee engagement, NLT is constantly seeking new ideas to improve the workplace. We provide employees with exposure and access to new capabilities and invaluable experience, and encourage all teammates to work on projects that specifically cater to their interests. Through our partnerships with other industry leaders and cross-training each team member across projects, NLT strives to continually expand both the breadth of the company’s skill set, but also its depth.

Our work is as exciting as it is dynamic — with staff working on-site and engaging with clients one day, and plugging in remotely from the comfort of homes the next. NLT trusts its employees above all else, creating a relaxed atmosphere of professional interdependence, support and collaboration. NLT’s senior staff is invested in nurturing growth within its junior staff, grounding their development in NLT’s egalitarian and customer-centered practices and beliefs. Our focus is on people, not just the bottom line.

Join Our Team

We’re looking for diverse team members who love learning, teaching, and want to grow professionally to contribute their skills and energy by joining our team! If you are looking to join a dynamic company that promotes a strong work/life balance and leads the industry in providing cutting edge solutions for the public and private sectors, then NLT is the place for you. NLT team members are creative problem solvers who are committed to exceeding client expectations and who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. NLT offers competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, and a network of like-minded team members that drive innovation. By offering its employees a strong commitment to work / life balance, NLT attracts and retains the top talent and thought leaders from both public and private sectors. We offer competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, and a network of like-minded team members that fosters exceptional work in the near-term and revolutionary innovation in the long-term.

NLT believes that when employees are content with their jobs, the company overall will succeed. We are constantly seeking new ideas to improve its workplace. We are a great place for people at any level of their career. NLT provides employees with exposure to new technologies and training in new skill sets. We firmly believe that, when employees are the most valuable investment a company can make. When staff members love their jobs, the entire company succeeds. Interested in working for NLT? Browse through our current positions on our Indeed job hosting site: