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 Research Services

Research Services​

Science, Research & Development

NLT provides a full range of services to support cutting edge research. We excel at leading collaborative projects that bring together leading experts from across government, academia, non-profits, and industry to achieve breakthroughs on some of today’s most pressing science and technology challenges.​
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Methodology & Study Design​

Research design and methodological expertise are fundamental to successful studies. We help clients develop measurable indicators, information collection strategies, new methodologies, and data-driven performance metrics to drive informed decisions on issues that matter profoundly to their success.​

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Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis​

Working with scientific, IoT, survey, administrative, and other data, our scientists are experts at synthesizing disparate information and developing and applying methods to construct data models and analyses that uncover relationships, identify trends, and discover opportunities.​

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Simulation, Development & Prototyping

NLT offers a wealth of experience in designing and conducting simulations and experiments to test and improve research methods and we have developed some of the leading research tools for studying international development, urbanization, economic trends, disaster risks, voter participation, and more.​

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Results Reporting & Publications

Our subject matter experts, researchers and writers translate complex information into consumable actionable insights. We have extensive experience writing and publishing peer-reviewed articles, research reports, monographs, and technical documentation for clients across government, academia, non-profit, and commercial sectors. Check out the publications page to see a few selected works.​

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Satellite Imagery-based ​Flood Detection- ​ Analysis of Planet Imagery of Mexico Beach FL After Hurricane Michael 2018 for FEMA​.

Research & Innovation​
Research | Innovation​

Staff Presenting Research Findings at an Industry Conference​.


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