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Culture & Diversity

Inclusive By Design


NLT’s culture of innovation and creativity encourages the integration of technologies, approaches, and fields enabling the firm to lead and support a wide range of science, technology, research, and development projects. Over the years, the firm has developed a stellar reputation for organizing and managing mission oriented multi-disciplinary teams of top technical professionals to deliver results for customers and partners to solve their most difficult science and technology challenges. We’re a team of diverse dedicated technologists, scientists, engineers, designers, and strategists working on some of the most interesting, challenging, and important assignments in the world!

Inclusion & Diversity

We believe that a focus on inclusion and diversity improves team performance, influences innovative business strategies and drives positive results by advancing our workforce, cultivating an inclusive workplace and advancing our reputation in the marketplace. By cultivating an inclusive culture, we enable every employee to leverage their unique talents and high-performance standards to create cohesive and collaborative teams that drive innovative solutions. NLT values differences in thought, style, backgrounds, and opinions. The talent needed to grow our business depends on cultivating a workforce rich in diversity of thought, experience and culture. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives include:

  • Investing to attract qualified diverse candidates into our applicant pool
  • Building our inclusion acumen to remove barriers to retention
  • Establishing processes that will advance our diverse talent
  • Providing employees tools and resources to foster impact and engagement across the company