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Analytics & Insights

Consumable Fit-for-purpose Data Analytics

Over the course of NLT’s storied history leading research and development of real-time data analytics and dissemination platforms, the firm has devised novel fusion techniques, AI/ML algorithms, computational models, and data streaming solutions used by government and industry alike. Leveraging this unique expertise, NLT offers fit-for-purpose data products, consumable as online services, APIs, or as downloadable files, found nowhere else, that provide insights for a range of industries and applications.

People, Cities & Economies

Through integration of administrative, financial, sensor, and other data and spatio-temporal modeling, NLT provides national, regional, and local scale socio-economic indicators and predictive analytics for a variety of uses including to measure economic output, transportation dynamics, workforce changes, population migrations, and more. Available for customer defined Areas-of-Interest (AOIs) across the world.

Human-Environment Interactions

Leverage our powerful multi-source geospatial and remotely sensed data fusion and AI/ML engines to gain insights about human-environment interactions., NLT offers dynamic data products for monitoring critical infrastructure, landuse and environmental change, urbanization processes, agricultural productivity, and more. Available for customer defined Areas-of-Interest (AOIs) across the world.


Climate Change & Natural Disasters

For those who must plan for, respond to, or recover from natural hazards and climate change, NLT provides a range of unique data services to improve resiliency.

  • Risk exposure, prioritization, and vulnerability assessment

  • Automated prediction, detection, and alerting of hazard impacts and damages

  • Evaluation of climate change implications

  • Available for customer defined Areas-of-Interest (AOIs) across the world.

Governance & Impact Evaluation

NLT offers highly customizable decision-support datasets for customers who require science-based data-driven measures to evaluate investment and policy impacts over time.

  • Customize AOI and temporal scales

  • Define factors and metrics for evaluation

  • Understand effectiveness of enacted environmental, transportation, economic, social, disaster resiliency and other policies 


Our Data Partners

NLT works with industry leaders and emerging data providers that help transform information into intelligence insights. Our portfolio of partners is curated to meet the needs of our diversified customer base featuring trusted companies at the forefront of tomorrow, so our clients get what they need today. NLT can facilitate acquisition, integration, and use of our partners’ novel data products for your next project.


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