New Light Technologies specializes in enterprise information solutions that combine IT ingenuity and industry intelligence to drive high-performance results. Guided by the company’s motto “Visualize to Realize,” NLT has helped many federal, state, local, commercial, and nonprofit clients achieve the highest levels of return on their investments in IT and GIS technology.



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Working at New Light Technologies is exciting, as employees’ daily routines can vary from working on-site with clients, working remotely from the comfort of their homes, or making a presentation in the field. With profound level of trust among its employees, NLT creates a relaxed atmosphere where co-workers know they can reach out to one another for support. NLT’s senior staff enjoys to nurture growth in their junior staff by ensuring that they are educated in NLT’s practices and beliefs on how their customers should be treated. At NLT, the focus is on the people, not solely on the bottom line.



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