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Senior Data Analyst

Tara Battle, an accomplished Senior Data Analyst, joins our team with a wealth of technical prowess and unwavering commitment. Drawing from her extensive background in technical writing, operational processes, and expertise in data analysis, geospatial technologies, and emergency management, Tara's impactful contributions at FEMA's Office of Response and Recovery and Planning and Exercise Division highlight her exceptional skill set. Her academic journey underscores a dedication to excellence with degrees in English, Education, and nearing completion of a Doctorate in Instructional Leadership. Beyond her professional achievements, Tara's community engagement as an educator and adjunct professor showcases her passion for knowledge sharing. With a notable track record of supporting critical projects at FEMA PED since 2017, Tara's keen interest in operational planning, Agile Project Management, and visualization techniques further enhances her profile.

As we welcome Tara aboard, we anticipate her valuable contributions and expertise to drive impactful initiatives within our team.