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Senior Geospatial Research Associate

Selamawit Ghebremicael, a Senior Geospatial Research Associate and a remarkable figure in our team, passed away in 2023. With a profound legacy that spans nearly two decades, Selamawit was a cornerstone in projects related to Flood Plain Mapping, vegetation index calculations, and more. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Soil and Water Conservation from Eritrea, leading to a Master of Science in Applied Environmental Sciences from the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Her expertise in GIS and remote sensing was instrumental in enhancing natural resources mapping, mineral exploration, and urban infrastructure development. Selamawit's contributions extended beyond our organization to humanitarian agencies like the Center for Development and Environment at the University of Bern, the ICRC, and the UNDP, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Beyond her professional excellence, Selamawit was a devoted mother to three children and a mentor to many through her role as a seasoned college instructor and researcher. Her works in vegetation cover mapping and surface water resources have left an indelible mark in the field. As we remember Selamawit, we celebrate not only her professional achievements but also the warmth, inspiration, and dedication she brought to everything she did. Her legacy continues to inspire us all, and she will be dearly missed by her colleagues, friends, and family.