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Mary Pritts

Senior Data Scientist and Consultant

Mary Pritts joined the NLT team as a Senior Data Scientist and Consultant in 2022. Currently, she is working for the Census Bureau's Center for Enterprise Dissemination (CED) and Disclosure Avoidance System (DAS) teams. As a data scientist, she works with the developers and science team members to update the code for the DAS application, adding new features, analysis capabilities, and performance improvements by utilizing PySpark.

Mary has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a Master of Science degree in Statistics. Previously, she worked at IBM Consulting for seven years in AI & Analytics, developing predictive modeling for the US Postal Service, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the General Services Administration, and other clients. Mary also served as a Mathematical Statistician for the US Census Bureau where she developed the imputation methodology for the 2010 Census.

Fun fact: Mary has been volunteering with the National Cherry Blossom Festival for around 10 years!