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Full Stack Architect and Senior Development Consultant

Josiah Ulfers is a Full Stack Architect & Senior Development Consultant with New Light Technologies (NLT).  Joe is a part of the development team for NLT’s own Precision Ag for the American Farmer (PAGAF) tool. He also works on large scale enterprise solutions for multiple clients. Among his key projects, he helps build and maintain web applications for the Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics program at the U.S. Census Bureau.

Josiah’s background is in web and mobile software development. He earned two Bachelors’ degrees at Virginia Tech in both Computer Science and Finance.  Prior to joining NLT, he worked in Development and DevOps at several different companies, both large and small. His CV includes some heavy hitters, like Freddie Mac and Capital One, and smaller start-ups as well. He even started a couple eDiscovery companies on his own, which perform legal data processing. They are still running today. 

Josiah has a branded product of his own, too! He created a mobile app called Legal Text Collector, a mobile app that converts text messages to pdf for use in the discovery process of lawsuits.

You can read more about Josiah, his thoughts and his work here in his blog