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John Solly

Senior Software Engineer

It's a thrilling time for us at NLT as we extend a warm welcome to John Solly, joining us as a Senior Software Engineer. Lending support to the US Census Bureau and various other clients, John seamlessly blends the intricate worlds of geospatial information science and software engineering. His knack for full-stack development, especially in crafting web-based analytical, visualization, and data dissemination tools, marks him as a distinctive asset to our team.

John's journey before arriving at NLT is notable. His stint at the University of Maryland witnessed him wearing the hat of a Senior Geospatial Developer, where he led commendable research ventures. One such endeavor saw him at the forefront of a team harnessing decentralized technologies like IPFS and Filecoin. Their mission? To foster an Efficient, Accessible, and Sustainable Infrastructure for Extracting Reliable (EASIER) Data from the world's geo-located assets. Before this, John played pivotal roles at YellowfinBI, a renowned commercial action-based analytics platform, and at Esri, steering the ship as the Release Coordinator for the ArcGIS Dashboards product line.

Educationally, John has a solid track record. With a BA in Geoinformation Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MS in Geospatial Intelligence from George Mason University, John is currently adding another feather to his cap with a BS in Computer Science from the Open Source Society University (OSSU). He's also an avid supporter of open-source ventures, with projects like ipfs-stac and awesome-django-blog.

John's vast expertise covers a wide array of technical domains, from Python and TypeScript to SQL and Docker. Add to this his profound knowledge of geospatial technology such as Esri, Mapbox, and Open-Source GIS stacks, and you know we have a powerhouse in our hands!