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Ghermay Araya

CEO and Senior Consultant

Ghermay founded New Light Technologies in 2001, building the company into the GIS and IT powerhouse it is today with his unique mix of business development strategy and information technology expertise. His primary objective is to provide NLT Teams with the entrepreneurial space and nurturing they need to build world-class and scalable solutions. Whether it’s developing a fiber optic network for making cities more efficient or creating innovative GIS solutions to optimize disaster response, Ghermay ensures that NLT has the talent and resources it needs to get the job not only completed, but completed better and more efficiently.

He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park Geography Department with a focus on Geographic Information Systems in the mid-1990s and is currently back at his alma mater working his way through a Master’s degree in GIS.  He recently completed his fifth Marine Corps Marathon, and he spends the balance of his days helping to raise two girls and two boys with his wife.