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Senior GIS Consultant

Geoffrey Hatchard has expertise in cartography, research, data, and geographical information systems. He is currently supporting the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) on COVID-19 emergencies. His focus is on maintaining a data catalog of COVID-related datasets, as well as continuing to create and maintain metadata for those and other open-data datasets.

Earlier in Geoffrey’s career he worked as a cartographer for the National Geographic Society; an editor for the National Geographic Bee, a geographic analyst for the U.S Census Bureau; and a cartographer at Apple Maps. He has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and master’s degree in geography from Penn State University, with his graduate thesis focusing on cartography. 

Geoffrey enjoys studying DC’s history—the people, neighborhoods, buildings, and the day-to-day life that took place in each, as well as how the natural habitats of the city have changed over the years.