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Senior Systems Engineer (Consultant)

Brad serves NLT as an IT Specialist and field support. He built and maintains the network for the FEMA Lab, a sandbox for testing new products. Brad also provides Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for GIS field servers and laptops and trains staff unfamiliar with the GIS applications necessary to do their job. Even when starting with the company, he worked with FEMA’s deployable emergency GIS systems, seeing the transition from in-person to remote field support over the years.

He graduated from Bloomsburg University, but learned most of electronics engineering in the air force. He specializes in Microsoft and RedHat. Prior to NLT, he worked with multiple branches of the armed forces, including running network operations for the Deputy Chiefs of Staff for the army and overseeing the risk systems for the air force.

Aside from constructing network architecture, Brad is also very skilled at building fine cabinets.

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