Brad Bottoms

Lead Geospatial Analyst and Product Manager for Project: Ptolemy

Throughout Brad’s work with New Light Technologies (NLT), he has completed projects on five continents, with a focus on North America and Southeast Asia. He is NLT’s Lead Geospatial Analyst and Product Manager for Project: Ptolemy—leading day-to-day operations, staffing, and population impact assessments for the disaster modeling platform.

He’s analyzed forest loss, GDP, businesses, and the correlation between nighttime lights and GDP growth. Most recently Brad has spent his time working with the World Bank, where he worked on monitoring and measuring locales for economic changes after several large transportation projects were funded in the region. He’s worked in the Response Geospatial Office (RGO) of FEMA where he built the hurricane incident data processing engine and journal. The journal integrates disaster information with housing and socioeconomic data, running them through a set of algorithms that determine the impact of a given disaster.

He holds a B.Sc. in Geography (Geographic Techniques), with minors in Anthropology and Global Studies from Middle Tennessee State University and a graduate certificate in Geospatial Intelligence from Penn State. He’s currently pursuing a M.Sc. GIS with a focus on environmental modeling from the University of Southampton, working on a dissertation to more effectively utilize flood modeling in Southeast Asia.