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Tim KuhnDec 28, 2015 2:50:34 PM1 min read

GIS Day 2015: New Light Technologies Visits Students at Carlos Rosario

GIS graphic image

In celebration of GIS Day 2015, New Light Technologies, Inc. visited the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School in Washington, DC on November 18th, to speak with students, faculty, and staff about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology and career opportunities in the field.

Carlos Rosario School was founded in the 1970s to provide education that prepares the diverse adult immigrant population of Washington, DC to become invested, productive citizens and members of American society who give back to family and community. The public charter school consists of primarily immigrant students from all over the world looking to learn and grow in their American communities.

Among students interested in learning more about the GIS field, the faculty and staff were equally interested in GIS technology and how GIS technology can help answer questions such as:

  • What countries are students from and in what proportions
  • In what wards within Washington, DC do the students live
  • What can teachers and staff do to improve their students’ experience at Carlos Rosario using GIS information

Gustavo Viteri, the Chief Technology Officer of Carlos Rosario, also gave a presentation to his advanced IT students introducing GIS technology and identifying career opportunities available in the GIS field.