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Ghermay ArayaApr 11, 2023 4:14:38 PM1 min read

WDCEP And Planet Explorer Annual Meeting

This week (April 12 and 13), NLT Demonstrates Real-Time Analytics and Cloud-Based Decision Support at Planet Annual Explore Conference and Washington,  DC Economic Partnership  Annual Meeting.

This week, our team will be attending and exhibiting at two exciting events in Washington, DC. 

On April 12 and April 13, we will be at the Planet Explore event themed “From Transparency to Action”. Our Chief Scientist Dr. Ran Goldblatt and Executive Vice President Rob Pitts will be showcasing our collaboration with Planet Labs and other Earth Observation data providers in operationalizing the massive collection of imagery along with other data sources for real-time and near-real-time analytics leveraging our SaaS Solutions. Make sure to visit our booth to learn more about NLT`s remote sensing and data science work!

On April 13, we will also be attending the Washington, DC Economic Partnership Annual Meeting. At this event, Steve Lee, Director of Delivery and Ghermay Araya, CEO will be presenting local utilization of open and close-sourced data in an integrated cloud-based decision support solution for economic analysis and decision making in real-time.

At NLT, we are harnessing the power of Data Science, Earth Observation, Cloud Computing, and Economic Impact Analysis to offer cloud-native delivery of real-time location-based and predictive analytics to help clients around the world with real-time natural hazards risk analysis, monitoring agricultural productivity, transportation planning, economic development and more.

We’re looking forward to these events and can’t wait to share our experiences with you. Stay tuned for updates!


About New Light Technologies

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