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Tim KuhnJul 13, 2020 7:58:19 AM

NLT is at the Esri User Conference This Week!

New Light Technologies (NLT) has never seen a conference like this year’s completely virtual Esri User Conference, but we are excited to take part in it!

NLT has partnered with Esri for over 16 years to support our federal and private customers in revolutionizing their geospatial infrastructures. This work has spanned such fields as disaster management, geospatial data analysis, international development, and more. The entire world is grappling with how to move forward in this post-pandemic reality. We continue being a close partner with Esri as the industry embarks on a new conversation inspired by the COVID-19 era. Together, we’ll work to reimagine the new digital architecture that will be required to navigate the years to come.

Keep your eyes open later today! NLT staff members will join a panel discussion on facilitating, not just diversity, but real inclusion in GIS. NLT credits its own success to the harnessing of a wide array of staff voices and perspectives in its daily operations. 

“We designed the company to be inherently inclusive. New Light Technologies has a flat organizational structure, which allows for a diversity of individuals and thought to bubble up rapidly in all corners of the organization,” NLT CEO Ghermay Araya says of the company. “It is reflected in the quality of the team productivity and successful and sustainable customer engagements and retention.”

Ghermay will join NLT staff members Danielle Steele,  Database and GIS Analyst, and Carl Alleyne, Senior DevSevOps Engineer, in discussing their own professional paths and experience working in the field of GIS.

Tune into the panel discussion today at noon to hear more! 

See you all online!

About New Light Technologies

New Light Technologies Inc. (NLT), based in Washington DC, provides a broad range of integrated Information Technology (IT) consulting services and products to government, commercial, and non-profit sectors. The firm offers comprehensive DevOps systems integration, development, and management services for IT Infrastructure Modernization; Cloud & Mobile Computing; Virtualization and Microservices; Application Development; Geospatial Information Systems (GIS); and Big Data Modeling, Analytics, & Visualization. NLT is a recognized leader in the development of enterprise Geospatial platforms and real-time integrated analytics for mission-critical decision support, planning, and research applications. To learn more, visit