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Tim KuhnNov 2, 2012 1:36:51 PM< 1 min read

Hurricane Sandy: Distribution of Population and Workers

To assist the community in examining these impacts in detail, NLT has developed an interactive web-based mapping application that combines workforce and population data for Staten Island. The tool, based on ArcGIS Online technology, allows users to quickly visualize the distribution and density of workers and population. To get detailed characteristics about workers, users can simply zoom in and click on one of the blue points. To get details about the population density, users can click on one of the shaded (yellow-red) population areas.

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Workforce Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau. 2012. OnTheMap Application. Longitudinal-Employer Household Dynamics Program. Analysis Type: Area Profile Selection: area as Work Year(s): 2010 Job Type: Private Primary Jobs Labor Market Segment: All Workers Selection Area: Staten Island borough (Richmond, NY) from County Subdivision Selected Census Blocks: 5,078 Analysis Generation Date: 11/02/2012 01:11 – OnTheMap 6.1.1 Code Revision: 6fa57eb0dfae+ LODES Data Version: 20120531

Population Data Source: 2010 Decennial Census, population density, from ESRI. Additional Details here.