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Satellite View of Flooded Community
Ghermay ArayaJul 11, 2023 12:40:03 PM2 min read

Transforming Disaster Relief: MIT Lincoln Lab & NLT Collaboration

The Remote Sensing in Disasters Community of Practice (REDICOP) (formerly known as the Remote Sensing Innovation Working Group – RSIWG) has announced its reformation, co-organized by MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MIT LL) and New Light Technologies (NLT). REDICOP seeks to optimize the application of remote sensing advancements in the emergency management community, acting as a bridge between theoretical and applied research, and operational implementation. With partners from Federal, State, and local agencies, public sector research groups, NGOs, academia, and the private sector, the initiative will focus on building a collaborative platform to advance remote sensing technologies and methods in disaster management and to jointly develop guidelines, standards, and workflows that enable emergency managers to use remote sensing technologies and products effectively. 

The inaugural virtual meeting of REDICOP is scheduled for Tuesday, August 29th, 2023, from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT. The agenda includes a keynote presentation by FEMA’s Response Geospatial Office (RGO), and a 'lightning round' discussion where participants are invited to share their perspectives on the role of disaster remote sensing within their organizations.

For a more detailed overview of REDICOP's objectives, the meeting's agenda, and instructions for participation, please refer to the MIT LL blog post at All interested individuals and organizations from various sectors are encouraged to attend. Join REDICOP in its mission to transform the use of remote sensing technologies for the benefit of emergency management.

“REDICOP provides a unique bridge between theory and practice and between academia, government and the private sector. It brings together stakeholders from all sectors with one mission in mind- to optimize the use of remotely sensed tools and data to improve disaster management operations and eventually save lives”. Dr. Ran Goldblatt, Chief Scientist of New Light Technologies

With a focus on providing comprehensive consulting, research, digital transformation services, and fit-for-purpose analytics solutions, NLT has a proven track record in a range of industries including emergency management, international development, economics, and health. The company has also pioneered real-time geospatial AI/ML predictive analytics platforms for government and industry and has led the development of novel methods for leveraging satellite imagery to support disaster response, climate resiliency, impact evaluation, and sustainable development missions worldwide.

If you're interested in learning more about how NLT's capabilities can support your organization's efforts to use geospatial big data in emergency management contexts, we invite you to contact us. With our expertise in geospatial and remote sensing, we can help you leverage the power of big data to advance socio-economic analysis and support sustainable development.