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Tim KuhnNov 6, 2018 7:27:43 AM1 min read

NLT Proudly Sponsors Next Week’s Geo4Dev Conference

New Light Technologies (NLT) is proud to be a primary sponsor and supporter of the second annual Geo4Dev Conference organized by The Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) in UC Berkeley, CA, this year. This one-day symposium will focus on improving the global humanitarian response to climate- and conflict-driven migration. GIS professionals nationwide will travel to discuss innovative new technologies that will aid in global poverty relief, sustainable development, smart urbanization, climate change, and the fostering of economic growth in developing countries.

The conference will feature speakers from across academic, public and private sectors. Among them are several NLT staff and partners. Chris Vaughan, FEMA`s Geospatial Information Officer and NLT partner, is headlining as the day’s keynote speaker. Following shortly after is Madeline Jones, NLT Geophysical Data Scientist. She will be discussing the Hurricane Journal, a newly created mobile app used for spatial decision-making support in disaster management. Ran Goldblatt, Remote Sensing Scientist and NLT Senior Consultant, serves as the conference chair.

A wide array of geospatial experts will discuss the real-world challenges in addressing the urgent humanitarian crises of our time. It is through this open communication and knowledge sharing that they will find the ways to overcome them.

New Light Technologies Inc. (NLT), based in Washington DC, provides a broad range of integrated Information Technology (IT) consulting services and products to government, commercial, and non-profit sectors. The firm offers comprehensive DevOps systems integration, development, and management for IT Infrastructure Modernization, Virtualization and Microservices, Cloud & Mobile Computing, Application Development, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and Big Data Modeling, Analytics, & Visualization. NLT is a recognized leader in the development of enterprise Geospatial platforms and real-time integrated analytics for mission-critical decision support, planning, and research applications.