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Tim KuhnOct 26, 2022 7:39:00 AM< 1 min read

NLT Presents on Data Integration at ESRI UC 2013

Data Integration Challenges & Strategies for Advanced GeoAnalytics

Robert Pitts, Director of Geospatial Services for New Light technologies presented on data integration challenges and strategies at the ESRI UC in San Diego last week. The presentation was part of the Meeting Data Interoperability Challenges session on Thursday morning. The presentation slides are available below!

Summary: In recent years there has been acceleration in the collection and publishing of digital data about people, places, and phenomena of all kinds. This increased availability of data presents great opportunities for answering new questions and improving understanding of the world by integrating previously disparate datasets such as weather and demographics. However, integrating such diverse data remains a challenge because of the potential disparities in coverage, quality, compatibility, confidentiality, and update frequency, to name a few. Thus, developing strategies for handling such inconsistencies between datasets is critical for those interested in leveraging this data for analytical purposes. This paper discusses approaches to managing these challenges by examining the development of a series of innovative national public data products and applications from the U.S. Census Bureau as a case study.