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Tim KuhnSep 12, 2016 4:53:52 PM1 min read

Happy 15th Anniversary NLT Team!

New Light Technologies LogoThank you New Light Technologies (NLT ) Team for all the best efforts that have contributed to this and every year before. Durability, reliability and trust are the values that drive a company towards continued successful operations and for continuing to achieve it year after year.
Thank you to our customers and partners for their continued trust and relationship. We look forward to serving you another 15 years!

A company, regardless of whether or not it is a services or products company, is only as good as its current and past teams performance in every aspect of  delivery.  Over the last 15 years, NLT has been truly blessed to have attracted talented and customer focused team members.  The team has delivered consistently high-grade services and products to our customers in a gracious and attentive way and with a keen focus on customer satisfaction!  Every NLT customer knows that they can relay on the NLT team from the first person they encounter all the way to the last.

In-turn, our customers and partners have continually rewarded us with new and repeat work.  They recognized that even though NLT is a small company, that it punches way above its weight-class.  Over the years, NLT has been and continues to provide high-visibility national services to major customers as well as state, local and commercial customers.  We look forward to continuing to provide best-of-class team member services to all of our customers for another 15 years!