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NLT StaffMar 29, 2024 4:53:29 PM3 min read

New Light Technologies Receives the Esri Cornerstone Partner Award

It’s a remarkable moment for all of us at New Light Technologies (NLT) as we proudly announce receiving the Esri Cornerstone Partner Award. This award is a testament to our enduring partnership with Esri, the global leader in geospatial solutions, and our collective dedication to pushing the boundaries of geospatial technology. It’s an honor that reflects our two decades of commitment, collaboration, and innovation.


A Partnership Built on Innovation and Trust

Shared objectives and respect for one another marked the start of our relationship with Esri more than 20 years ago. This partnership has enabled us to leverage the power of geospatial technology to address complex challenges and create impactful solutions. From our early days of developing location-based services for government agencies to deploying sophisticated geospatial solutions across various sectors, our collaboration with Esri has been at the core of our success.


Milestones and Transformative Projects

Throughout our partnership, we have embarked on numerous projects that highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation:

  • Government Initiatives: Our work with government agencies, such as the development of the Master Address Repository (MAR) and DC Atlas, set new standards in data management and geospatial analysis.
  • Geospatial Solutions for Emergency Management: We have been instrumental in enhancing FEMA’s disaster response capabilities, implementing server, desktop, and field-based software solutions that leverage Esri’s suite of products.

  • Advancements in Remote Sensing: Our leadership in applying AI and machine learning to remote sensing has revolutionized how imagery data is collected, analyzed, and utilized for urban planning, agriculture, and disaster assessment.

These projects are just a few examples of how our partnership with Esri has fostered innovation and delivered value to our clients.


Our Team: The Foundation of Our Success

The New Light Technologies Team at the most recent Esri Federal User Conference 2024

The achievements we celebrate today are a direct result of the hard work, creativity, and expertise of our team. A passion for finding solutions to challenging problems and a dedication to our clients' success drive our interdisciplinary team of technologists, engineers, and scientists. Together, we have created a culture of innovation that continues to drive us forward.


NLT & Esri Through the Years:

  • 2004: NLT joins Esri Partner Program
  • 2006: NLT wins New Business Partner of the Year in 2006
  • 2017: NLT joins Esri Federal Business Specialty Program
  • 2019: NLT Establishes Esri Partner Manager Role
  • Esri adds NLT Enterprise Software Subject Matter Experts to Developer Support Group
  • NLT and Esri teams on professional services contracts (e.g. MNCPPC)
  • Example: NLT and Esri lead federal geospatial software implementation projects at FEMA
  • NLT Delivers Key Presentations at Esri Events (Python, GIS Disaster Response, Esri Living Atlas, etc.)
  • NLT Develops Automated Multi-cloud Deployment
  • Model for Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7!

New Light Technologies has demonstrated expertise in the following Esri product lines:

  • ArcGIS Pro (Enterprise)
  • ArcGIS for Developers
  • ArcGIS Web Applications
  • ArcGIS Dashboards
  • ArcGIS Notebooks (for Geospatial
  • Analysis)
  • ArcGIS Online
  • Story Maps
  • Hub
  • Survey 123

Through each milestone, New Light Technologies has not only enriched its partnership with Esri but has also significantly advanced the field of geospatial technology. This journey underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, setting new standards for what can be achieved through collaboration and expertise in the Esri ecosystem.


Looking to the Future

Receiving the Esri Cornerstone Partner Award is not just a recognition of our past achievements but also a beacon for the future. It reinforces our commitment to advancing geospatial technology and our role as leaders in the industry. As we look ahead, we are excited about the opportunities to continue our collaboration with Esri, exploring new frontiers in geospatial science and technology.


Join Us on Our Journey

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients, partners, and the entire Esri team. Your trust, collaboration, and support have been invaluable. For those looking to explore the potential of geospatial technology, we invite you to join us. Together, we can create innovative solutions that make a real difference in the world.

Explore Geospatial Solutions with NLT

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of innovation, partnership, and success. Let’s continue to shape the future of geospatial technology together.

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