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Tim KuhnAug 16, 2019 10:07:59 AM1 min read

New Light Technologies Travels to Bucharest as a FOSS4G Sponsor

New Light Technologies (NLT) is a proud sponsor of the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference for the third consecutive year. NLT staff will be traveling to Bucharest, Romania, to present on their work and research promoting and advancing open source data and applications. 

FOSS4G is a weeklong event complete with training opportunities, presentations and networking events. The conference gathers users and developers of open-source products that cut across industries. It offers a rich forum to collaborate on and listen to advancements in open-source that could benefit all stakeholders across the board.

NLT is an ardent advocate of facilitating data dispersion at home and around the globe. The company implements open-source solutions at every possible opportunity. Open-source alternatives allow our teams them to provide customizable approaches to problems their clients face every day. Best yet, these tailored solutions also come at a much lower cost than proprietary software.

The company is currently in alpha-testing of Project: Ptolemy, an open-source platform that allows personnel involved in disaster situations to monitor, analyze, and take action to limit economic effects and personal injury.  It leverages crowd-sourced data from the world-wide disaster response community to help ensure public safety, saving lives, and reducing the impact by disasters across the planet.

“Historically, explorers through the years have shared their world experiences through photographs and words. Advancements in mapping now allow us to produce unique views of the world and share them as spatial data and models,” NLT Lead Geospatial Analyst Brad Bottoms describes. “Open-source alternatives allow us to share the world as we see it, without restriction. This facilitates an ecosystem of digital and on-the-ground explorers. That community can not only share all their experiences and information, but also allow others to build on this information.

“That collaboration allows for better and more complete views of our ever-changing world.”