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Ghermay ArayaAug 2, 2018 5:00:30 AM2 min read

NLT Brings World-Class IT Security Training to the US Market

Reflare America (New York, NY) and New Light Technologies (Washington, DC) today announced a strategic alliance in which New Light Technologies becomes an official distributor of Reflare Ltd’s Reflare Certified Secure (RCS) portfolio of IT security training products. This agreement enables New Light Technologies to provide world-class, scalable, hands-on IT security training to their clients across the United States.

As an official distributor of the RCS trainings, New Light Technologies will be positioned to efficiently upskill IT professionals on the common flaws in networks and coding that are frequently exploited by hackers, as well as provide hands-on training in the remediation of these vulnerabilities. Armed with this knowledge, network administrators and developers will create and maintain networks and applications with greater resistance to the vast majority of security breaches and cyber attacks.
“IT security has become an imperative for executives, as the damage caused by cyber attacks and security breaches continue to escalate” said Liam McGann, Head of Business Development for Reflare America. “As leadership realizes that the security of networks and applications is only as robust as the people that use and maintain them, we are seeing the market demand for effective yet scalable training solution is rapidly increasing. We’re very excited to partner with New Light Technologies to provide best in class, affordable, business critical IT security talent development to government agencies, commercial enterprises, and non-profits, while enabling them to adhere to PCI DSS and ISO 27001 compliance standards, and more importantly, decrease the likelihood of security breaches.”

“We are excited about adding the Reflare IT Security Training platform to our portfolio of capabilities allowing us to offer clients a robust world-class training program,” said Ghermay Araya, CEO of New Light Technologies. “The differentiator between secure and insecure infrastructure is going to be how well the workforce is trained on preventing, detecting and responding to hack and breach attacks.”

About New Light Technologies

New Light Technologies Inc. (NLT), is a privately held company based in Washington DC, providing a broad range of integrated Information Technology (IT) consulting services and products to government, commercial, and non-profit sectors. The firm offers comprehensive DevOps systems integration, development, training, and management for IT Infrastructure Modernization, Virtualization and Microservices, Cloud & Mobile Computing, Application Development, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and Big Data Modeling, Analytics, & Visualization. NLT is a recognized leader in the development of enterprise information systems platforms and real-time integrated analytics for mission-critical decision support, planning, and research applications. Visit NLT at