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Tim KuhnJun 12, 2016 4:28:18 PM< 1 min read

New Position Available: GIS Application Development Support

New Light Technologies is seeking a GIS Application Development Support to support application development and maintenance across all in-scope task areas, including WebEOC, Socrata, and MD iMAP platforms:

  • Create, provide, and maintain documentation for workflows connecting to and using Customers’ implementation of WebEOC.
  • Create, provide, and maintain custom data drive reporting to support the output of WebEOC data.
  • Create, provide, and maintain graphics and icons for Web-based marketing and branding of iMAP platform.
  • Create, provide, and maintain dashboards to monitor system usage and availability.
  • Create, provide, and maintain automated data processing workflows.
  • Develop, provide, and maintain a communication plan to improve current communication with internal and external customers
  • Develop, provide, and maintain training materials to instruct customers on how to use available software, tools, and applications via step-by-step written instructions and videos.
  • Create, provide, and maintain new custom tools and applications.
  • Perform redesign and redevelopment of legacy tools and applications.
  • Create and provide monthly and annual reports related to resource usage. Obtain values through the Customers’ license manager, OpenLM, ArcGIS Online for Maryland AGOL accounts, Google Analytics, and Twitter.


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