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Tim KuhnJun 23, 2016 4:35:40 PM< 1 min read

New Position Available: ArcGIS Software Developer

New Light Technologies is looking for an ArcGIS Software Developer.  Our Client had software developed that inspectors use (on tablets) in the field to perform facility inspections and to monitor compliance at various sites. It uses ArcGIS for Windows Mobile. Following is a list software changes that staff have identified:

Mobile Inspection Software

  1. Fix Query Capabilities in custom applicationDisplay results for a
    • Appropriate fields including “inspector name”
    • Fix bug crashes when querying that cause program to crash
  2. Revise the inspection ‘reschedule’ function to allow for scheduling re-inspections.
  3. Improve the ‘outfall scheduling’ function (allow users to scroll through outfall list or type in outfall number)
  4. Improve the ‘generate report’ function – change the way information from other tables is brought into the inspection report and improve layout, if possible.
  5. Update SOP for app to reflect revisions made

Resource must be able to provide status reports, track, and turnover all updates to the requirements as progress is made.

No Submittals After:  06/29/2016



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