New Light Technologies (NLT) specializes in enterprise information solutions and products that combine IT ingenuity and industry intelligence to drive high-performance results. NLT has helped many federal, state, local, commercial, and non-profit clients achieve the highest levels of return on their investments in IT and GIS technology. Here are some of the amazing products we provide our clients.

Software Resale

NLT’s broad information technology expertise and partnerships enable us to further incorporate best in class technologies and methodologies from across the industry into our solutions for our customers.  NLT resells software from a diverse portfolio of software manufactures from Dell-EMC, Redhat, to ESRI and Information Builders.  Please visit our partners page for a list of all the partners we resell and implement software from.  Please contact us for a quote or further information.

Future Solution-as-a-Service Products in Development
NLT is also currently developing solutions that integrate the vast knowledge that our team has built into Solution-as-a-Service products to provide the ability for our customers to reap the benefits of the entire company’s expertise and knowledge-base.  We look forward to serving you with products that include the following list, but to include new and exciting Solutions in 2018 and 2019.
Project: Ptolemy

  • Open Source Customization Disaster Management Platform for
  • , Planners, and Victims
  • Monitoring & Analysis of Economic Effects and Personal Injury
  • Disaster Visualization
  • Automated Damage Assessments
  • Demographics Reporting
  • Open Data Sources which can be Enhanced by Users
  • Social Platform for Community and Team Engagement
  • Forecast and Plan for Future Response Needs


Utility Linear Infrastructure Networking Environment (Utility LINE®)

  • Easy-to-use, Mobile, Low-cost, Open Source Utility Asset Management System
  • Optimized for Telecommunication Providers
  • Map, Track, Analyze, Report on, and Manage Operational Systems
  • Work Order Automation & Streamlined Provisioning Process
  • Generate Accurate Bills of Materials, Network Diagrams, Route Maps
  • Reduce Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) Through Quality Data and Tools

Mobile Cloud Solution

  • Deep Field Austere Environment Mobile Virtual Server Cluster
  • Lightweight Mobile Unit with Wireless & Cable Connectivity
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Interoperable
  • Configurable
  • Durable
  • Provides immediate network connectivity
  • Increases productivity for field staff
  • Expandable Hardware, Array of Ports, Keyboard, Screen, and More