Applied Ingenuity
Organizations require reliable, agile, and creative teams committed to helping them solve their biggest challenges. Over the course of more than 20 years, NLT has built world-renowned expertise and served customers in a wide variety of industries from agriculture to healthcare.

agriculture & environment

Population increase, climate change, and rapid urbanization threaten habitats and challenge agronomist’s ability to produce while demand for food continues to rise. This dilemma requires innovation and action. Leveraging our expertise in geography, satellite imagery remote sensing, data science, and the cloud, NLT provides consulting services and information technology solutions to support environmental assessments and for improving access to maps and data needed to improve farming practices. NLT offers easy-to-use web-based platforms for analyzing crops and agricultural models to improve yields, reduce operating costs and environmental impacts.


The prosperity of our society is intrinsically linked to the health of our economy. Understanding the makeup and dynamics of populations and economies is therefore vital to ensuring the well being of all. NLT offers distinctive capabilities in the development and analysis of socio-economic indicators to study how populations and economies are changing. NLT’s team of world-class researchers, economists, and data scientists have developed novel spatio-temporal econometric modeling techniques leveraging administrative, business, geospatial, satellite imagery, and other data and pioneered new measures for studying population groups, workforces, business productivity, and much more. Talk to us about our fit-for-purpose economic data offerings.

emergency management & resiliency

NLT is a well-known leader in the design, development, and operationalization of emergency management and public safety solutions. We have pioneered award-winning, cloud-based, open-source solutions for hazard detection and modeling, risk and exposure analysis, AI/ML-based predictive analytics, damage assessments, resource planning, and the development of real-time situational awareness and decision support systems. The firm has also delivered novel data-driven insights and analytical tools for global disaster resiliency planning initiatives. NLT’s interdisciplinary team are leading peer-reviewed research advancing hazard modeling techniques and the development of open-source tools used throughout the national disasters community. Contact us to learn more about our disaster management platforms.


Every day, millions of healthcare professionals rely on critical information technologies to save, heal, and enhance the lives of their patients. At NLT, we enable critical digital transformation initiatives for public and private health organizations to increase information flow, improve patient outcomes, secure privacy, and manage costs. The firm provides support to healthcare organizations, including the DC Healthcare Exchange and logistics and supply logistics leader Owens & Minor, to manage cloud operations and implement enhanced cybersecurity measures. Contact us to learn more about our tools to support healthcare IT.

smart cities & engineering

Your community relies on a complex web of systems and services to survive and NLT understands how information technology and data can be used to help communities thrive. For over 20 years, NLT has provided consulting and solutions for communities that inform and enhance urban planning, infrastructure, transportation, public safety, economic opportunity, healthcare access, environmental conservation and more. NLT offers inimitable experience and expertise applying innovations such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) and real-time data streaming, Building Information Management (BIM) and 3D modeling and visualization to build smart sustainable communities.

utilities & telecom

Utility and telecommunications providers must continuously evolve to keep up with the technology revolution and changing consumer demands. Today’s networks must provide broader coverage and faster speeds to connect a growing number of people, assets, and equipment across our communities. NLT provides comprehensive solutions for designing, developing, and managing integrated utility and communications networks to enable capacity, redundancy, and secure wire-based and wireless services. NLT delivers easy-to-use, mobile-enabled, utility asset management solutions that provide streamlined tools for design, installation, and maintenance, to ensure system uptime and reduction in mean time to recovery. Adoption of NLT’s platforms in the nation’s capital have facilitated broadband service delivery to hundreds of health, educational, public safety, and other community anchor institutions and new access to residents and businesses in under-served areas.

international development

NLT provides applied research, development, capacity building, and technical implementation consulting services for international organizations in developing nations to build more sustainable resilient communities, reduce poverty, and enable shared prosperity. The firm has developed novel methods and tools that analyze remotely sensed satellite imagery and other data to aid urban planning, measure economic activity, monitor climate change risks, assess public health, and evaluate governance and policy impacts. NLT’s interdisciplinary team also develops and delivers courses on use of geospatial and data sciences for international development projects to organizations worldwide. Contact us to learn more about our ready-to-use analysis platforms and fit-for-purpose data offerings for international development.

Geospatial Intelligence

Intelligence helps ensure the security and safety of our nation. With cleared personnel, mission experience, and unique expertise in geospatial intelligence, NLT has the capabilities to deliver deep insights for the Intelligence Community. Our solutions integrate disparate data and apply novel AI/ML methods to illuminate processes and patterns and provide operational support to deliver actionable intelligence to analysts, warfighters, and policymakers—any time, anywhere, for any mission. Contact us to learn more about our data fusion tools and fit-for-purpose data offerings for monitoring and intelligence applications.

federal government

We offer a wide range of integrated science, technology, research and development consulting services for complex missions. With over 20 years of experience across the departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Commerce, and Agriculture, NLT has developed a stellar reputation as a trusted partner for federal organizations. Our deep technical expertise, interdisciplinary approach, and agility prepare us to serve the nation. Contact us to learn more about our ready-to-use automation tools data translation, cloud management, and cybersecurity compliance.

state & local government

We partner with state and local governments to help support and enhance infrastructure and services for citizens. NLT has over 20 years of experience serving state and local governments to deliver data-driven solutions for improving public safety, transportation systems, and access to services such as healthcare and broadband. Whether we’re helping our clients leverage state-of-the-art GIS technology to better manage local assets or performing research on relevant community issues, NLT is invested in supporting the states and communities where we live and work. Contact us to learn more about our ready-to-use disaster planning and utility management platforms and automation tools data translation, cloud management, and cybersecurity compliance.


NLT offers significant experience supporting commercial sector organizations improve the way they work and increase return on investments. From local small businesses to multinational engineering and healthcare firms, we have delivered technology strategies and solutions that streamline operations through automation, strengthen cybersecurity, and enhance data-driven business intelligence for a range of industries. Contact us to learn more about our ready-to-use platforms and fit-for purpose data services for a range of industries and applications.

non-profits & community-based organizations

NLT has an extensive history supporting non-profit and community-based organizations carry out important missions that improve lives and build more sustainable communities. From collecting field data on tree health with GPS, to building analytical tools for economic development, to conducting research to improve education outcomes, NLT’s breadth of technical expertise and deep experience working in local communities make us a great partner for your next community project. Contact us to learn more about our ready-to-use platforms and fit-for purpose data services to support communities.