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Transform Data Into Intelligence
Bringing data to life to solve complex problems of national and global importance is what we do. NLT offers unrivaled expertise managing full lifecycle development processes for large scale data production and visualization initiatives for government, non-profits, and industry. From data integration and fusion to multi-dimensional modeling to applying artificial intelligence and machine learning for web-based visualization of predictive analytics, NLT can help you realize more from your data.
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Data Development & Modeling

NLT offers unique expertise in full lifecycle development of big data systems supporting operations across government, non-profit, and commercial sectors. NLT has helped numerous organizations build pipelines to efficiently collect and integrate disparate business, scientific, and real-time sensor data; construct computational models for spatio-temporal and multi-dimensional analyses, and build data production platforms that provide insights about economic trends, environmental change, transportation patterns, utilities planning, natural hazard impacts, and more.

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Predictive Analytics

In an uncertain world, the ability to predict what’s coming is vital. NLT is at the forefront of creatively using data to help customers anticipate what’s next and how to react. Leveraging deep data science skills and ability to model complex real-world problems and behavior, NLT is developing a range of analytics from predicting traffic conditions to where disasters will strike.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our experts help our customers develop artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that enable faster, more autonomous data analysis to solve the most challenging problems. NLT offers extensive experience developing and applying AI and ML to cybersecurity monitoring, analysis and classification of imagery, deep learning of massive data, and more. These tools will help find trends, recognize patterns, identify potential causes, and forecast the future.

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Data Visualization

Customers across government, non-profit, and commercial sectors rely on our data visualizations to ensure they can make sense of complex information quickly to make the right call. NLT offers a wealth of experience developing intuitive information products, data dashboards, web-based applications, Common Operating Pictures (COPs) decision support tools, and more that improve the speed, quality, and predictive powers of data.

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NLT Flexible Cloud-native
Data Science Modeling &
Data-in-Motion Solution

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Economic Data Visualization Tool
for U.S. Census Bureau:
Job-to-job Flows Explorer (

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Predicting Risk for FEMA with the Prioritizing Operations Support Tool