Rebecca Boyer

Atmospheric Scientist & Senior Geospatial Consultant

Rebecca Boyer specializes in making complex scientific information easy to understand by any audience. She describes herself as an extroverted scientist who is passionate about communications. She is an Atmospheric Scientist & Senior Geospatial Consultant at NLT, currently leading the design, creation, and dissemination of real-time web maps, reports, and informational products that support the natural disasters community.

Rebecca earned her master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a concentration Atmospheric Science. She then went on to work at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in their Global Hydrology Resource Center and later with Baron Weather designing and delivering technology and data products to the National Weather Service and media broadcasting companies.

Rebecca recently moved to DC from Huntsville, AL. Having lived mostly in the South, she is still getting used to riding the metro, and her main goal any given day is to not look like a tourist.