Nick Fink

Senior Geospatial Systems Engineer and Consultant

Nick Fink is a Senior Geospatial Systems Engineer and Consultant at NLT. He’s currently working with FEMA’s Response Geospatial Office (RGO)  where he focuses on task automation, creating reports for key decision makers, and managing cloud infrastructure and SaaS services. He also contributes to NLT’s Esri managed service offerings (MSO).

Nick holds a B.S. in Geography from Penn State in 2013, with a concentration in GIS. Prior to NLT, he worked for Michael Baker International in Hamilton, NJ, office where he focused on NJ Department of Transportation (DOT) and NJ Transit projects (2013-2015). He worked for the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology (CityGeo group) doing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) procedures, systems engineering and administration (2015-2019)