Larry Curran

Data Scientist and Project Manager

Larry Curran is a Data Scientist and Project Manager with New Light Technologies (NLT). He is supporting several projects that include the company’s International Development customers.  These include everything from assessing the risk of populations, roads, and structures to flood exposure to visualizing how green spaces can help lower land surface temperatures through Urban Heat Island mapping. Larry is also an instructor for a geospatial Bootcamp series that NLT is offering in partnership with General Assembly.

He comes to NLT as a career changer. Last year, he decided to pursue his passion in data science and enrolled in a Bootcamp to give him the tools to officially make the jump between career tracks.  He started out as a Coast Guard Officer with a degree in Operations Research from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. He spent over eight years in active-duty service before switching to the civil service as a Section Chief and Senior Intelligence Analyst. In that same time, Larry earned two masters’ degrees, including an MBA from Virginia Tech.

His other life passion is rugby, which he began playing while attending the  Coast Guard Academy. Though he wishes he started playing earlier in life, he still watches it regularly and will play a game or two whenever he feels like taking some pain!