Daynan Crull

Senior Data Scientist

Daynan is a Senior Data Scientist who primarily supports NLT’s international customers.  He uses applied data science and machine learning techniques to bring data insights to clients and support decision-making. Some of his projects with the company include remote sensing image analysis of Night Time Lights to investigate the impacts of containment measures of COVID-19 and analyzing business recovery during the COVID-19 crisis using crowd-sourced consumer data with the Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDECP). 

Daynan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Psychology from DePauw University. Afterward, he served a year in Americorps and spent several years in the public and private sector, eventually working in New York City’s Mayor’s office, focusing on supporting community resilience in the face of Hurricane Sandy. He became fascinated by the data that was used in understanding and analyzing the complicated weather system. That experience inspired him to go back to school at New York University and pursue  a masters in Applied Urban Science and Informatics. After he received his graduate degree, he continued working for New York City performing business intelligence work. He subsequently moved onto GeoPhy where he performed economic modeling, followed by a short contract with the World Bank. 

Daynan used to take piano lessons as a kid, but he had lost the practice for a long time. Due to the surprise long-term quarantine of 2020, though, he has found his interest reinvigorated.

He plays every day now, he admits — Classical music, mostly.