Corey Guastini

Senior Data Scientist & Application Developer

Corey Guastini is a Senior Data Scientist & Application Developer for New Light Technologies (NLT). Corey is working with both national and international clients for NLT, including FEMA and the World Bank Group. Corey’s background in atmospheric sciences and application development helps round out the tremendous science and technology team. Corey’s using his extensive experience in remote sensing and data analysis to support our clients in streamlining and optimizing their operations. He’s helping customers to identify areas that have most likely been impacted during disaster scenarios, so they can most efficiently and effectively coordinate resources in their response. He’s also supporting clients’ efforts in assessing infrastructure and populations that lie in floodplains for any given city.

Corey has a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Science in Atmospheric Science from the University at Albany. Right out of grad school, he worked at the Environmental Modeling Center working on implementing numerical weather prediction (NWP) models and evaluating NWP model performance. From there, he went on to work primarily on fire-related projects as a Data Scientist in the meteorology group at PG&E in California. He’s completed past projects that used historical wind and power outage data to assess outage risks during fire-weather events and a project using satellite data to detect wildfires.

Originally from Cleveland, he is a tortured Cleveland sports fan. His dog’s name is Todd (named after Todd Gurley, his UGA wife’s doing), and they have plans to name the next one LeBron.