Ari Pollak

Senior Software Engineer

Ari Pollak

Ari Pollak is a Senior Software Engineer supporting a variety of projects including the Census, USACE, and the development of large data applications at scale. Ari received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University and has focused on back-end development and building interoperable automated data translation architectures for different industries including online marketing, financial services, and data science & demographics with Complete, LevelUp, and most recently Civis Analytics (now part of Grubhub). Ari is a longtime contributor to open-source software projects including Debian and is a volunteer and trustee of the Awesome Foundation and brings a wealth of skill with Linux, Python, JavaScript/Typescript, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Bash, Docker, PostGres, and other technologies.

Ari is an avid cyclist. To date, his longest single-day bike ride was going from Washington D.C. to Baltimore and back, which was 80 miles round trip.

Visit Ari’s website to view articles, his tips and tricks for Git, and more.

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