Mobile Applications Development

NLT offers a broad range of mobile technologies, including mobile applications and installations.


Mobile devices have transformed the way people communicate and share information. These devices similarly have impacted public safety communications and capabilities. NLT’s extensive experience in mobile deployment services range from smart phone and tablet software development to vehicle mount and installation and wireless network support.

NLT has a broad experience with mobile integration, from public safety field applications on specialized devices to the delivery of public data to standard smart phones and tablets. NLT specializes in integrating GPS data into online maps, adding a geographical dimension to asset management and usage analysis.


NLT’s expertise in mobile technologies includes:

  • Wireless networking
  • System configuration and integration for multiple mobile devices, including ruggedized laptops (toughbooks), card readers, and smart pens
  • Mobile device asset management and support
  • Training and documentation


NLT’s experience in public safety applications includes:

  • Toughbook, smart pen, and handheld device configuration
  • Vehicle mount, installation/rollout, and maintenance
  • Public safety database applications, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD), the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), parolee tracking, pawn data, and emergency response policy guidelines
  • Handheld DHS Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) standard card authentication
  • Medical event recording and tracking
  • Video capture

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