Asset and Document Management


Document Management

New Light Technologies has long-standing experience in developing Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) for large-scale multi-property organizations, including federal, state, and local governments, and business and industry leaders.

NLT provides responsible, timely, and effective EDMS service delivery in full life cycle enterprise systems and development with the highest level of support and expertise. Its document management experience has focused on geospatial technologies, bringing cumbersome, outdated paper-based records and maps into the modern computer age. NLT’s EDMS products feature collaborative document creation, capture standard/customized metadata, and secure document storage.




The benefits derived by NLT’s clients include:


  • Increased operational efficiency through automated workflows and electronic forms
  • Decreased costs of managing unstructured data from a variety of sources
  • Decreased costs of managing and storing documents at an offsite archive facility
  • A shared document scanning and storage environment
  • Supported document retention policies




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