Application Development and Systems Integration

Application Development

Application code on a computer screen

The development of new or custom software applications is often among the most important yet challenging efforts undertaken by an organization. Software development customers can rely on NLT’s qualified, flexible, software engineers to deliver innovative software products within a delineated budget, producing high-quality solutions within predictable schedules and competitive prices.

NLT has unparalleled experienced with all aspects of the Web services life cycle, from development and deployment to maintenance, tuning, and upgrade. It also offers technical integration services for handling inconsistencies between data services which ensures analytical integrity.


Systems Integration

Systems Integration

The computing infrastructures that power organizations today are increasingly complex and interdependent. They require well-designed systems and careful integration of software applications to guarantee functionality, scalability, interoperability, and high performance. NLT offers systems integration solutions and services for COTS and custom applications, service-oriented architecture projects, system testing, and validation efforts.

The success and longevity of an application or system often depends on the speed with which it performs important functions or returns user requests. NLT is uniquely experienced with identifying performance bottlenecks and developing rapid data retrieval strategies and application designs for any computing environment.


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