Enterprise Information Technology

comprehensive expertise

Managing successful technology projects in complex and distributed organizational environments can be challenging. NLT has a proven history of managing project teams for clients that consistently achieve the highest level of return on investment (ROI). Trusted architects and managers of full enterprise technology implementations from complex computing infrastructure and hardware management to systems integration and software development projects through the Planning, Development, Implementation, Testing, and Operations and Maintenance phases. 


integrated approach

NLT works across the Open Source and COTS technology landscape to employ a collaborative approach promoting alignment of IT activities to overall business objectives, maximizing the ability to deliver more features while continually ensuring the stability of its systems. Our approach accelerates customer feedback on new capabilities under development while enabling organizations to more easily build, deploy, test, and release software products without unnecessary manual intervention providing the mechanism for continuous innovation, feedback, and improvements, while removing traditional barriers of separated teams, tools, and processes.


agile ingenuity

NLT is a leader in applying the DevOps CI/CD approach to deliver complex computing infrastructures and operational systems and has developed best practices to enable continuous delivery of software-driven innovation to enable organizations to more effectively think, code, test, deliver, run, manage, and learn. NLT employs a cadre of experienced project managers, infrastructure experts, system architects, data scientists, Web developers, software engineers who work across a broad range of COTS, Open Source, and custom technologies to devise the best solutions. NLT specializes in DevOps enterprise-scale Systems Design, Integration, Development, and Management, and offers exceptional capabilities in Infrastructure Modernization, Cloud Migration & Management, Virtualization, Microservices, & Containerized Computing, and the development of High Performance Mobile Computing solutions.
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cloud hosting & managed services

NLT provides comprehensive cloud hosting and managed services from planning, migration and deployment to ongoing management and optimization. We support and manage the world’s leading cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Google and beyond, saving you the challenge and complexity of doing it yourself.
We offer unrivaled expertise in deploying and hosting a range of COTS and Open Source Geospatial and Data Science platforms to support ongoing operations and large computation jobs for different industries and missions.

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In addition to technical experience, NLT’s specialists provide training, evaluation, quality control, budget management, executive-level advisement, and whiteboard-to-execution of systems and services. NLT maintains consistent customer satisfaction on every endeavor on which it works.

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