Utility LINE

Utility Linear Infrastructure Networking Environment (Utility LINE®) is an easy-to-use, mobile, low-cost, open source utility asset management system designed to support telecommunication providers. Powered by NLT’s staff, partners, and guest contributors, Utility LINE allows its end users to map, track, analyze, report on, and manage their operational support systems. Utility LINE automates work orders from concept to contract by utilizing existing asset data to generate accurate bills of materials, network diagrams, and route maps. It streamlines the provisioning process from contract to cut-over using workflows and notifications while reducing mean time to recovery (MTTR) through quality data and tools. From the perspective of NLT’s end-customers, Utility LINE helps community broadband providers secure customers, turn on those customers’ services, and maintain those services.

Utility LINE® Offers:

  • GIS and Mapping Tools
  • Physical Network Planning & Work Order Support
  • Network Cabling
  • Custom Integrations
  • Users and Roles


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