Utilities and Telecom

Utility providers must continuously evolve to keep up with the technology revolution  and changing consumer demands. Many utility asset management software systems are overly complex, proprietary, inefficient, and expensive to meet today’s need to be increasingly responsive, agile, and transparent.

NLT provides integrated enterprise IT solutions for managing utility networks including wire-based and wireless services over secure, highly redundant, and high capacity fiber optic telecommunications platforms.

NLT specializes in the development of easy to use utility management systems that enable:

  • Mapping and visualization of physical assets (such as cable, poles, manholes)
  • Efficient and transparent network design and planning
  • Generate and validate network routes in seconds
  • Fast fault detection to reduce response time
  • Desktop engineering tools that reduce truck rolls

NLT pioneered the design, development, and management of a nextgen platform for managing DC’s fiber-optic telecommunications network that brings affordable, value-added broadband services to over 250 health, educational, public safety, and other community anchor institutions and creates a high speed middle mile network for last mile service providers to deliver affordable broadband access to residents and businesses in underserved areas.

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Fiber Optic Communications