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Disasters Happen

Communities, populations, infrastructure, and critical assets are increasingly at risk from a range of severe weather events, natural and man-made hazards, and the impacts of climate change.

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The Need For A Solution

  • Timing
  • Prioritization

Increased Response Time

During disastrous events, organizations and first responders must quickly be notified about emerging threats and understand their magnitude and nature to effectively respond and supply aid to impacted citizens and communities.

Gain Insights

Traditional Emergency Management solutions do not adequately incorporate information about vulnerable populations, businesses, properties, critical infrastructure, and other assets.

IMPACT enables prioritization of disaster management from insights about the potential impacts of emerging threats upon vulnerable communities and assets.

What is IMPACT?

  • Monitoring
  • Assessment
  • Alerts
  • Analytics
  • Results

Continuous Monitoring

IMPACT is the leading solution for enabling organizations to assess the risks of emerging hazards in real-time. The platform continuously monitors the latest weather and hazard conditions and leverages AI models to determine potential impacts on vulnerable communities, infrastructure, and critical assets to inform and prioritize a range of emergency management operations before, during, and after disasters.

Assess Threats

IMPACT is used to assess threats from earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, winter storms, and other severe weather events.

Automated Alerting

IMPACT includes an automated alerting and reporting service, live API data access, and a robust web-based analytics platform that alerts on emerging threats and provides information about the locations and characteristics of vulnerable populations and assets most at risk in real time.

Analytics & Reporting

IMPACT generates a range of analytical insights, reports, and infographics to estimate and visualize the impacts of emerging threats and to identify locations most at risk.

Proven Results

IMPACT's framework has been leveraged for a range of national, state, and local uses including to estimate impacts of disasters, develop response plans, prioritize collection of satellite imagery, guide search and rescue teams, prepare health facilities, assess resiliency, and more.
Continuous Monitoring

Monitor severe weather events, emerging hazards and risks 24x7x365.

AI Risk Modeling

AI-driven algorithms provide disaster exposure and impact insights.

Cascading Effects

Identify risks for cascading impacts to help you respond and recover faster.

Risk Scoring

Innovative risk scoring system to identify vulnerable populations, infrastructure, and assets that need attention first.

Ingest Your Own Data

Bring your own data to understand a disaster's impacts on assets and communities.

Notifications and Alerting

Receive automatic notifications via email or text message about immediate threats in impacted areas.

Visualize Impacts

Intuitive web-based platform to analyze and visualize exposure, risks, and impacts.


Pricing Plans For All Kinds Of Organizations

Choose a plan that's packed with features to meet your needs.

Live Notifications

Email notifications and exposure reports
Support via email
72-hour support response time

Get email notifications for incidents in your areas of interest.

Live Data Feeds

Email notifications and exposure reports
Support via email and live chat
24-hour support response time
SMS notifications (charges apply)
Full API access

Access live exposure data feeds for incidents in your areas of interest.


All features included in Premiere, plus:
Custom deployment to private clouds
Custom feature development
Custom branding
SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)
Same-business day support available

Dedicated support, web dashboards, and notifications.


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