About New Light Technologies

Why Work At New Light Technologies?



Our team members describe what it’s like to work at New Light Technologies.







Culture at New Light Technologies



New Light Technologies nurtures a dynamic culture which seeks out independent thinkers and doers who have the capacity to work through problems. NLT’s cultural framework is productive and supportive, knowing that if the employees are happy, the company itself will also naturally do better. As such, NLT is constantly seeking new ideas to improve their workplace for the people who work there.





Career Advancement at New Light Technologies



Founder & CEO, Ghermay Araya, started New Light Technologies on the concept of individuals being able to advance. Time and time again, NLT has demonstrated this core value of internal promotion through various success stories their employees have shared in this testimonial. When working with NLT, you realize there is a trajectory set in front of you. NLT makes the effort to see who you really are, what your skills are, and place you in a position that really suits you. If you are dedicated and hard working, NLT is the place to be for the opportunity to do what you want to do.




What Does New Light Technologies Do?

Ghermay Araya, founder and CEO of New Light Technologies discusses the company’s four core competencies which have driven NLT’s success. The basic foundation of the four core competencies is that they are enterprise information systems. The first core competency is the geospatial services. For that, NLT provides primary data, source gathering and development, to application and database development, to staffing and providing educational services for small or large projects.

The Second core competency is a natural outgrowth of that kind of work, which is the mobile computing and deployment competency that NLT has. That was born out of being able to deploy both IT staff, from a technician level, as well as mobility and GIS. NLT has a very robust past performance sweep for mobile computing, including a city wide mobile computing platform for the Washington, D.C. government. In addition to that, NLT also has the FEMA mobile computing deployment contract.

The third core competency is the electronic document management systems, which is just what it sounds like. It is being able to gather primary source documents of all types. The keystone project for our EDMS capability is the recently completed enterprise document management system project for the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority, otherwise known as WMATA. They are now in operations mode going out and gathering all the implementations using very high end solutions to document them.

The Fourth Core Competency is IT Staff Consulting and Augmentation. This area has sustained NLT very well, by providing IT solutions with staff that has expertise in Project Management, System Architecture and Planning, Database Design and Development, Web and Application Design and Development, Software Implementation, Data development and visualization, and more.