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GIS: Past and Present

GIS industry professionals discuss the evolution of GIS, brought to you by New Light Technologies. Fifteen years ago, it was only a limited group of people who even know what GIS was, according to Tim Abdella, a senior associate with JMT Technology Group. Back in 1986, when Marc Sasseville first started in mapping as a city planner, GIS was not available on a widespread basis. “As a planner, I’d spend my time flipping through paper maps,” said Sasseville.

Eventually, GIS would be expanded in its use, according to Andrew Fox, senior consultant for Timmons Group. “GIS has been expanding in its use, not just in the traditional applications for city state local and federal government, but also reaching out to the commercial sector for anything and everything that has a location associated with it,” said Fox.




The Future of GIS

GIS industry professionals discuss what they see as the future of GIS, brought to you by New Light Technologies. Jason Longenecker, a project manager for New Light Technologies, believes the future of the GIS industry will follow the history of hardware devices as PCs drop in popularity and more mobile, touch-based devices grow.
Francois Smith, a senior geospatial scientist for MDA Information Systems, thinks that the future for GIS is bringing pretty complex industries to more of the masses.






GIS Industry in the Washington, DC Metro/Mid-Atlantic Area

“The GIS Industry in D.C. is very Complex,” said Ghermay Araya, founder and C.E.O. of New Light Technologies. “You have a tri-state area with the U.S. federal government sitting on top of it, with a mix of all kinds of political and social structures, which lends itself to a complex spatial industry in the D.C. area.”

Jessica King, vice president of intelligence programs for Sanborn, believes the state of geospatial in Washington, D.C. is very progressive. “They’re doing a fantastic job informing their citizens from a location based environment,” said King.






New Light Technologies, Inc. GIS Team Video (ESRI FEDUC 2012)











New Light Technologies, Inc. GIS Team 3D GIS Project of Washington, DC