Client and Partner Testimonials

Words to Describe New Light Technologies, Inc.


What words describe New Light Technologies? Exceptional, friendly, quality, responsive — these are just a few that come to mind when NLT employees put their heads together to nail down the right word to describe the company.







GIS Industry Colleagues’ View on NLT CEO Ghermay Araya “Gee”


Various members of the Geographical Information Systems Industry community share their thoughts on and experiences with Founder and C.E.O. of New Light Technologies, Ghermay Araya, leaving no doubt why they choose to work with NLT.








Partnering With New Light Technologies


What’s it like to partner with New Light Technologies? Just listen to these testimonials of current and former partners of NLT.

NLT boasts partnerships with today’s most innovative software providers, government agencies and corporate clients, who use NLT’s solutions to solve problems that affect large populations of people. For example, FEMA and the Census Bureau have long-standing relationships with NLT for their disaster recovery and policy efforts. Additionally, NLT has offered its services to analyze complex problems, such as voter fraud in the non-profit sector.