US Department of Energy

Together with Potomac-Hudson Engineering, Inc., NLT prepared an environmental impact study for the U.S. Department of Energy. The study examined the environmental impact of two rail alignments (Mina and Caliente) that had been proposed to transport spent nuclear reactor fuel to a repository at Yucca Mountain.

NLT supplied a GIS analyst to work onsite, performing various data analyses and creating several cartographic products using ArcGIS. In analyzing surface water resources, NLT used GIS tools to calculate the amount of fill needed to affect creeks and wetlands.

NLT buffered each rail alignment and intersected it with creek and wetland layers to determine points of intersection. At each intersection, NLT’s calculations showed the amount of fill required in the creek or wetland. NLT then intersected creeks and wetlands with layers for facilities and quarries falling along each rail alignment.

Finally, NLT calculated fill for each area of intersection. In analyzing physical settings, NLT created maps of the physical environment along the Mina rail alignment. The final environmental impact study included NLT’s maps, which featured layers for soil types, fault lines, earthquakes, seismic hazards, geology, and digital elevation.

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