NLT Maps National Broadband Service

The FCC is in the midst of a major initiative to create a National Broadband Plan with the goal of providing every American access to an affordable high-speed internet connection. To support the FCC’s work on the plan, New Light Technologies, under subcontract to Computech, used ArcGIS 9.3, Java, and Oracle to develop a data warehouse that stores information for analysis, mapping spectrum licenses, and disseminating broadband related information to FCC constituents.

NLT also worked with Computech and the FCC to develop a national broadband map. The final product will display the technology, speed, and availability of broadband services at public schools, libraries, hospitals, colleges, universities, and public buildings across the country. It will be searchable by address and will show the broadband providers offering service in the corresponding census block or street segment. NLT developed thematic maps showing broadband availability, subscribership, demographics, crowd sourcing, etc., creating a total of 30 thematic maps.


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