DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

New Light Technologies was tasked with creating an inspector routing and reporting application using ArcGIS Server and the Network Analyst Extension tool. NLT’s end product calculates the optimized route for an inspector traveling to multiple addresses as part of a day’s manifest. Besides showing a visual representation of the route on a map, the application also gives directions for the inspector to print and use. The goal is to enhance productivity and allow more locations to be visited by optimizing the time spent traveling between addresses. Additionally, the tool provides managers with their staffs’ locations at any given time.


Rent-Control Database Application


The purpose of this project was to develop a comprehensive listing of rent-controlled projects in the District of Columbia and to provide a database management tool with a GIS interface. To that end, NLT reviewed the laws and regulations related to rent control in the District of Columbia and determined the data elements needed to ascertain the applicability of rent-control laws. Next, NLT designed and applied business logic to define a preliminary set of properties falling under rent control. Then, NLT developed a Web-based application allowing DCRA to validate and update data elements in the database. Finally, NLT integrated Web-mapping for querying and displaying/ reporting results.

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